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First published Wednesday 10 July 2019.

Embrace Ambassadors Maggie Dent and Nic Naitanui led a campaign to rally the community behind Embrace, raising both awareness and donations for mental health research. The campaign encourages people to post a photo of their younger self on social media to show today’s young people that you know what it feels like to go through tough times.

"Every single young person is struggling and vulnerable around the things that knock them down. We really have to look at: what are the things that genuinely support our teens? How do we support them in school journeys? How do we support them at a community level? How do we support them in families? I really believe today’s world is giving our young people on that adolescent journey more challenges on so many levels and we need to work out how do we create the safe base around them, so they can come out the other end."

- Parenting author and Embrace ambassador Maggie Dent

“We need to prioritise mental health. The longer we take, the more lives are lost and that’s the reality of it. We need to fight as soon as we can and get as much help into it as we can. Let’s all rally behind the Embrace team to help give kids a brighter future.”

- AFL player and Embrace Ambassador Nic Naitanui