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At Telethon Kids Institute, our researchers have spent nearly 30 years learning how to keep kids and families safe and well. While COVID-19 is new and frightening, these resources are designed to help families tackle the challenges this virus has created for us.

Updated regularly, our resources will offer advice from our scientists for staying physically and mentally healthy during COVID-19, insights for kids dealing with unique health challenges, cyber safety guidance for parents as our kids spend more time online, and tips, activities and community engagement news for the whole family. 

Dr Ushma Wadia

How do I care for my child if they get COVID-19?

Professor Chris Blyth

Boosters, Omicron symptoms in kids and more

Professor Jonathan Carapetis

RAT tests, Omicron and 16 and 17 year olds

alix woolard

COVID 19 and Kid's Mental Health

Professor Jonathan Carapetis

COVID-19 and the return to school

Professor Jonathan Carapetis

COVID vaccinations for kids aged 5-11

60 second science with Professor Andrew Whitehouse

Coronavirus & kids with ASD

Professor Donna Cross

Staying safe online

Dr Monique Robinson's

Home schooling tips