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PhD Candidate

MAppPsych(Organisational), BA(Hons.)


Mirella is a PhD student under the supervision of Dr. Bep Uink, Dr. Andrea Steele, and Dr. Rebecca Bennett at Murdoch University. Through her research, Mirella is exploring the concept of ‘intersectional competencies’ for healthcare and wellbeing organisations working with LGBTQA+ Indigenous young people. Mirella has a Master of Applied Psychology and comes from an organisational psychology background with experience in training development and organisational consulting. Currently, Mirella works as a registered psychologist.

As a queer woman, mental health practitioner and researcher, Mirella’s research philosophy is situated within the ‘scientist-practitioner’ model; her experiences within her psychologist role inform her research focus, and her ongoing learning informs her approach to practice. Consequently, Mirella has found a love of community-driven research, applying an intersectional lens to improve mental health outcomes for young people.