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Research Software Engineer

B.Psych.Sci (Hons), PhD (Statistics)

Dr. Nick Tierney completed his undergrad and honours in Psychological Science, then took an unconventional turn into a PhD in Statistics. He now works as a research software engineer with Dr. Nick Golding here at the Telethon Kids Institute. He is currently working on improving and maintaining the greta ( R package for statistical modelling. He is also interested in implementing workflows to automate data analysis.  

Previously Dr. Tierney was at Monash University (2017-2020), working as a research fellow, then lecturer. He worked with Professor Di Cook, creating exploratory data analysis techniques. He also taught ETC1010, introduction to Data Analysis (

Dr. Tierney’s research interests are broad, but centred around improving data analysis. This includes exploratory data analysis, statistical modelling, diagnostics, and understanding how colour choice can impact decision making. Dr. Tierney is a strong believer in free and open source software, and has written several popular R packages to improve data analysis, which can be seen on his software page:

Dr. Tierney is a keen outdoors person, in particular hiking, rock climbing, and kayaking. He recently hiked 300K of the Australian Alpine Walking Track, a very rugged adventure, especially when hiking solo. Nick is also interested in coffee, music, and photography, especially analog film photography.