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Honorary Research Associate

Tasmin is Head of Model Development at the Malaria Atlas Project (Perth Node), leading the project’s research and development agenda. Tasmin and her team combine statistical and mathematical methods in geospatial analyses of malaria epidemiology, with a particular focus on P. falciparum in Africa. Tasmin's remit includes ongoing development of MAP’s intervention coverage and risk mapping model portfolios, as well as spin-off and stand-alone projects considering (among others) climate change impacts on malaria risk, malaria commodity need and optimal allocation, spatio-temporal trend attribution, and receptive transmission risk mapping.

Tasmin’s background is in pure mathematics, with her PhD (Imperial College London, 2020) focussing on the mathematical properties of spatio-temporal Gaussian processes with non-Euclidean (spherical) spatial domains. She is a Senior Research Fellow at Curtin University (School of Population Health), and Honorary Research Associate at Telethon Kids Institute, where she is based day-to-day in the Child Health Analytics Program.