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Honorary Research Associate


Clin Assoc Prof Mary Sharp has been a consultant Neonatologist in the Neonatal Directorate at King Edward Memorial Hospital since 2003. She is currently Acting Medical Co-Director of Neonatology in the Child and Adolescent Health Service. Her special interests include the care of preterm infants and their long-term follow up. She chairs the Family Integrated Care committee and is committed to empowering parents’ active involvement in the care of their preterm or sick infant.

She is a clinician researcher focused on the long-term neurodevelopmental and medical outcomes after preterm birth. In addition she is currently involved in research into General Movement Assessment early intervention for children at high risk of developing cerebral palsy, and circadian rhythms in preterm infants. She has experience in translating research outcomes into clinical practice. An example of this is the introduction of Family Integrated Care into the Neonatal Directorate in 2017 where she led the team.

She is a member of Advisory Committee for WARDA-CP (WA register for developmental anomalies-cerebral palsy). Her national involvement includes being a member of the Cerebral Palsy Clinical Trials network and she is a member of the ANZNN Follow up sub-committee. She is a member of the International Family Integrated Care Steering Committee.