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Honorary Research Associate

B.A. (Hons) PhD.

Martyn trained as a Cognitive Scientist studying psychology, neuroscience and computer science including machine learning. He has worked across many areas of alcohol and drug research including prevention, treatment, monitoring, policy and epidemiology. Martyn has had extensive experience with designing and conducting surveys and interviews and has recently been applying co-design principles. He has also worked in remote Aboriginal communities.

Martyn also loves working with data including management, cleaning, statistical analysis including machine learning, and reporting.

In recent years Martyn has been working to form collaborations at state, national, and international level to investigate: prevention of alcohol and drug exposed pregnancies using an adapted long-term case-managed outreach program (Parent-Child Assistance Program) called Nurturing Families with Women's Health and Family Services; investigating the use of epigenetics as a biomarker of alcohol exposure during pregnancy; and using eye-tracking as a screening tool for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder with the Kids Brain Health Network in Canada; among other things.