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Honorary Research Associate


Areas of research expertise: Population health; Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health; Social inequalities in health; child mortality.

Carrington is a Senior Research Fellow with extensive experience in quantitative research projects at the Telethon Institute since 2005. He was awarded his doctorate in 2013, which examined the role of socioeconomic factors on the health and development of Aboriginal populations-this is one of the few studies internationally to explicitly look at the socioeconomic patterning of health in an Indigenous population, and the first to examine these patterns among Aboriginal children using population-representative data.

Carrington has a passionate interest in bridging the knowledge gap on social inequalities in Aboriginal health in Australia and his research explores how social determinants and pathways can lead to enhanced life outcomes. He also leads the Child Mortality Research program which features the use of unique population data to investigate ways of reducing preventable and unexplained deaths in the early life course.