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Senior Research Fellow

BSc (Hons) BEd MA PhD

Dr Runions is a honourary research fellow with Telethon Kids Institute, with a primary appointment with Touchstone Community Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service, where he works with young people experiencing personality disorder and self-harm.  He was a member of the 2016 Telethon Kids Institute Emerging Leaders program.  He currently chairs the Deliberate Self-Harm Intervention & Research working group at Telethon Kids Institute. 

Dr Runions was previously a deputy director of the Health Promotion & Education Research team.   He was chair of the Chronic Conditions, Mental Health & Education working group, which was won several competitive grants to conduct intervention research to reduce risk associated with chronic health conditions including asthma and hearing loss.  Dr Runions has led several studies of school-based interventions, including an NHMRC funded study to study the use of motivational interviewing for adolescent bullying perpetration. 

Dr Runions was recipient of inaugural Friends of the Institute Mini-Sabbatical Award, to fund collaborations in mental health neuroimaging.  He was travelled to Toronto Canada to work with Prof Nathan Kolla on fMRI processing, and to Dusselfdorf, Germany to study meta-analytically defined connectivity networks with Prof Simon Eickhoff and Barcelona to work with Dr Daniel Vega and Prof Josep Marco to apply those networks to brain imaging data on women with borderline personality disorder.  He was a recipient of a Cockell Collaboration Award granted by the Raine Foundation to work with Prof Mark Dadds at the University of Sydney to better understand the biology of aggression.

Dr Kevin Runions

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