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PhD Candidate & Research Assistant

BA (Hons 1, Psych)


Lisa is a PhD student under the supervision of Prof. Helen Milroy AM and Dr. Alix Woolard from Telethon Kids Institute, and A/Prof. Jeneva Ohan from the University of Western Australia. Her PhD is centred around intergenerational trauma, and the impact of perinatal severe mental illness on infants’ mental health and socio-emotional wellbeing. She is completing her PhD with the University of Western Australia and is supported by an Embrace @ Telethon Kids Institute scholarship.  

Lisa also works as a Research Assistant within the Youth Mental Health team on the Wellbeing study, which is a trial of a novel online intervention to support mental health recovery in children who have experienced medical trauma. She has previously worked as a Research Assistant and Project Officer across a number of mental health intervention projects in areas including psycho-oncology, neurodevelopmental disorders, depression and anxiety, body image and eating disorders.