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Senior Project Officer

BSc (Hons)


Irene is a PhD Student under the supervision of Dr Yael Perry in the Youth Mental Health team, and Dr Jeneva Ohan at the University of Western Australia.

Her research and clinical interests centre around improving the wellbeing of young people and their families. She is particularly interested in the relationships between the mental health of children and that of their parents.

The focus of her PhD project is the understanding of how parents of children with ADHD make decisions around talking about ADHD to other people in their and their child’s life. The goal is to use this knowledge to guide parents through that disclosure process in the future.

She has previously worked as a research officer on the Western Australian Coronial Suicide Information System project which provides more in-depth understanding of suicide in WA with the view of informing future prevention strategies.

Irene holds a Bachelor of Science with First Class Honours in Psychology from the University of Western Australia, where she is currently completing her Master of Clinical Psychology and Doctor of Philosophy.

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