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Senior Project Officer

MPH BA(Psych) PhD

Helen Monks is a Senior Project Officer with the Tenders Support Unit at the Telethon Kids Institute. Her role focuses on developing systems, processes, and information gathering to enable the Institute to undertake high-quality contract research to Government and non-Government partner organisations.

Helen has extensive research experience in child and adolescent health, particularly across projects in the areas of mental health promotion and school-based intervention.

She completed her PhD on positive body image among women, and has a Master's Degree in Public Health that focused on predictors of bystander behaviour in bullying among secondary school students. Prior to joining the CoLab team, Helen was a Senior Research Officer at the Child Health Promotion Research Centre (CHPRC) at Edith Cowan University.

Helen is experienced in quantitative and qualitative research conducted with young people, educators and communities. She has also coordinated numerous literature reviews and research reports, and co-authored several book chapters and research articles published in peer-reviewed journals. In addition, Helen is also experienced in coordinating and leading funding applications to a range of government and non-government organisations.