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Chief Financial Officer

BSc (Hons) ACA

Adam Maxwell was appointed as Chief Financial Officer of Telethon Kids Institute in early 2023 following a 7 year tenure in the same role at Rocky Bay Limited, one of Western Australia’s leading disability service providers. His ability to assist organisations through change is extensive and he was instrumental in helping relevant stakeholders to navigate through the once in a lifetime revolutionary change that the National Disability Insurance Scheme has brought about.

A values driven individual, Adam has worked extensively in the not for profit sector either as a volunteer, staff, trustee or Board member of a number of not for profit organisations throughout his career. He brings a balance of commercial rigour to ensure sustainability of purpose driven organisations can continue to thrive and serve their communities.

Adam helped set up Shift Accessible Homes Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Rocky Bay Limited and was a founding Director helping secure significant loan funding to develop better homes for people with disability and to use modern technology and innovative building design to enable people with disability to live more independently.

As Chair of the National Disability Services Finance Committee he led the submissions and responses to the NDIS WA Market Review in June 2019 helping develop a cost model to justify sustainable national price limits in the NDIS. He was also able to influence the NDIA to recognise the cost imposts peculiar to regional Western Australia to encourage better services to people living outside of metropolitan areas.

As Trustee of Nitro, the UK’s only black musical theatre company, Adam was able to lead negotiations with the Arts Council of the UK to continue to support the black community.

In a career spanning 4 decades Adam has worked across a variety of sectors including airline, fashion, retail, health care, marketing, consultancy and manufacturing.