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Senior Research Officer, Malaria Atlas Project


Dr Lubinda has extensive professional experience that spans several projects both in the Zambian public and private sectors and in the UK, at least 9 years of which have been in malaria research. He was a Project Manager and Research Associate in Data Science for the MIDAS Consortium, most recently providing integrated technical, operational, and programme support to 14 diverse partnerships across 7 European countries and the USA.

In the past, Dr Lubinda worked as a GIS Specialist and Data Management Coordinator in malaria-related projects across Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Congo DR, through the John’s Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health coordinated Southern Africa International Centre of Excellence in Malaria Research (ICEMR). Among other projects, ICEMR focused on supporting partner countries to achieve, sustain and document malaria elimination in low transmission settings while understanding the barriers to control in persistent high transmission zones. These studies cut across the epidemiology of malaria, vector biology, parasite genomics and environmental surveillance across the vast study areas.

He obtained his doctorate in Spatio-temporal Impact of Climate Change on malaria transmission, control and elimination in Southern Africa, at Ulster University, 2020. Dr Lubinda’s research interests include applying geospatial models to understand the relationship between the environment and disease transmission, disease surveillance, ecological modelling, eco-epidemiology, geospatial modelling, access to health, and evaluation of health interventions, health-seeking behaviour. He has co-authored several articles in peer-reviewed journals.