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Honorary Emeritus Fellow


Ursula Kees retired as head of Leukaemia and Cancer Genetics in early 2018.

Professor Kees was one of the founding research leaders of the Telethon Institute, establishing the Division of Leukaemia and Cancer Research in 1990.

Prior to this, the Swiss-born scientist was recruited from the German Cancer Research Centre in 1984 to head up the Children's Leukaemia & Cancer Research Laboratory at Princess Margaret Hospital.

Focusing on molecular genetic markers which lead to cancers in children, Professor Kees' team has developed unique methods to diagnose different cancers in collaborative studies with hospital patients and oncologists and a number of overseas groups.

Professor Kees holds an Adjunct Professorship at The University of Western Australia and is a Consultant, Department Haematology/Oncology, Princess Margaret Hospital for Children.