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Senior Research Officer


August is an infectious disease modeller currently working on a range of projects involving COVID-19 and malaria. He has a background in ecological and biogeographical modelling, and is interested in modelling various types of spatial patterns in the biological world. His work has a strong focus on modelling techniques and methods that can be applied to a broad range of uses. Prior to starting his current role as an infectious disease modeller, his research focused on testing the predictive accuracy of ensemble modelling when modelling species distributions, and on using latent variable models to predict the distribution of fungi, and group them into similar environmental types, in one simultaneous step.

Since 2021, August has contributed to the weekly COVID-19 Situational Assessment report commissioned by the federal government, and helped develop models for monitoring the epidemic trajectory of COVID-19 in Australia. He has recently embarked on projects involving malaria, and is interested in modelling the spread of non-native malaria vector mosquitoes, and the spread of antimalarial drug resistance, in malaria endemic regions.

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