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Honorary Research Associate

BPsych (Hons) PhD

Dr Rebecca Glauert is the Head of the Developmental Pathways and Social Policy Team at the Telethon Kids Institute.

The Developmental Pathways and Social Policy Team established the WA Developmental Pathways in WA Children Project (DPP), the largest cross jurisdictional data linkage program in Australia. The DPP is a landmark project taking a multidisciplinary approach to investigate the pathways to health and wellbeing, education and juvenile delinquency outcomes among Western Australian children and youth. The team work in collaboration with the WA departments of Health, Education, Communities, Justice, Aboriginal Affairs, Treasury, Disability Services Commission, Mental Health Commission, WA Police, and School Curriculum and Standards Authority. Rebecca directs and manages all aspects of the Program, and her role includes the advocacy of both data linkage, and the importance of using cross agency government data to inform, evaluate and improve policy making, practice, prevention and intervention.

Rebecca works in both a researcher role, as well as a liaison between researchers and policy makers, ensuring that research findings are translated into policy relevant information. Rebecca holds a number of grants designed to improve the access and use of linked data for researchers in WA, and nationally.

Rebecca has supervised a number of PhD students on topics including deliberate self-harm, suicide, poor mental health, poor educational and child development outcomes, and the impact of intimate partner violence on children’s outcomes.