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PhD Candidate

BSc, MSc

Anna is currently working on a project in partnership with the Department of Transport to evaluate the prevalence of active school transport, perceptions about active school transport, and urban design factors supporting active modes of transportation at schools in Perth, Western Australia. Her current research interests include how built and natural environments affect children's mental, social, and physical well-being. She is passionate about creating healthier, more resilient community spaces through user-research and innovation.

Anna graduated with an MSc in Environmental Psychology from the Department of Design and Environmental Analysis at Cornell University where she completed a mixed methods research project aimed at understanding the effects of a nature camp on children's mental health, social health, and sense of place. While completing her MSc at Cornell University, Anna taught undergraduate biology laboratories about science communication and standard lab techniques. Prior to her postgraduate study, Anna worked as an environmental educator for the United States National Park Service. She is passionate about creating healthier and more resilient communities.