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Project Manager, Friendly Schools

BA (Education)

Erin is the Manager of the Friendly Schools Project for the Health Promotion and Education Research Team at Telethon Kids Institute. Erin’s most significant work in child and youth research relates to school and community-based interventions to enhance social and emotional wellbeing and reduce bullying behaviour.She is a co-author of the Friendly Schools Program, an internationally recognised research project to reduce bullying in Primary and Secondary schools. This research has spanned over 20 years and included 15 major research studies involving 35,000 Australian students from pre-primary to year 12 plus their Teachers, Parents and School Administrators.

In addition, Erin has also contributed to research in the areas of social and emotional wellbeing in schools, whole-school implementation processes, online social and emotional learning and cyber bullying, student self-esteem and resilience, secondary school transition, school and family partnerships and fathers’ impact on child wellbeing.