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Honorary Research Associate


Tim is an Associate Lecturer at The University of Western Australia and a member of the PAHL group. Tim’s research focuses on developing and evaluating community health programs and understanding the experiences of people in a variety of health contexts (e.g., men’s health, veteran’s health, families, cardio-vascular disease, and mental illness), with a particular emphasis on qualitative research methods and mixed methods approaches. Tim has expertise in conducting qualitative research and is particularly interested in understanding people’s experiences by employing novel qualitative research approaches (e.g., narrative psychology). Tim’s work has been published in leading international outlets including Psychology of Sport and Exercise, and Qualitative Research in Sport, Exercise and Health.  

At UWA, Tim’s teaching focuses on psychological and social aspects of exercise, health, and sport, and he teaches two courses in the Sport Science, Exercise and Health department at UWA. These include SSEH2270, a second-year undergraduate course on social psychology and how it relates to sport, exercise, and health, and a fourth-year unit for the Honours and Master of Clinical Exercise Physiology courses, SSEH4664, which focuses on understanding behaviour change and psychological principles that can be leveraged to promote exercise and health behaviour. Tim is also an editorial board member for the international journal, Stress & Health.