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Postdoctoral Research Fellow / Epidemiologist

B.Tech, MPH, PhD

Dr Barth has a vast array of skills and expertise in disease surveillance and in undertaking epidemiological studies. During his doctoral training at the University of Cape Town, he led the establishment of an African-wide disease registry and biorepository for Strep A infection (The AFROStrep Study). His work represented an important milestone in rheumatic heart disease programs within Africa, given that Strep A plays an initiating role in the development of the disease which results in the mortality of many of Africa’s children.

In May 2018, Dr Barth relocated to Australia to join the world-leading Strep A, rheumatic heart disease and skin health team at the Telethon Kids Institute under the expert guidance of Associate Professor Asha Bowen and Professor Jonathan Carapetis. Dr Barth is leading a school-based prospective surveillance study in the Kimberley WA (The Missing Piece Study) which aims to determine the burden of Strep A pharyngitis in the context of a high prevalence of impetigo to be able to inform evidence-based prevention strategies for rheumatic heart disease in Australia.

Dr Barth’s expertise in epidemiology, surveillance systems, registries and biorepositories, and his experience from the African perspective is well-regarded as he seeks to serve, arguably, the most marginalised people in the world by striving to understand how to prevent Acute Rheumatic Fever in Australian Aboriginal children.