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Honorary Research Associate


Dr Maryam Boutrus is an Honorary Research Associate within the Youth Mental Health Team and a Research Coordinator through the Child and Adolescent Health Service (CAHS). She is currently working on the Dissociation project as part of a cross organisational collaboration between Telethon Kids and CAHS. This project aims to identify the prevalence and presentation of dissociation in children and young people who have experienced trauma, and to develop an intervention to help with healthy psychological recovery.

Maryam completed her bachelor’s degree and PhD in Psychology at the University of Western Australia under the supervision of Professor Andrew Whitehouse, Professor Murray Maybery, and Dr Gail Alvares. She is experienced in clinical developmental assessment, eye-tracking, 3D facial imaging techniques, and research methodology. Maryam’s research background is in autism and neurodevelopmental disabilities, social development, facial morphology, and most recently, childhood trauma.

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