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There are many ways you can make a contribution to Telethon Kids to help fund our vital research into children's health.

No matter the size, your gift is valued immensely, as it brings us one step closer to our goal of  helping all children live their lives to the full.

The Ethan Davies Fellowship

Supporting childhood brain cancer research

When he was just two, Ethan Davies was diagnosed with brain cancer. After enduring 18 months of treatment, including multiple surgeries, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy, he is thankfully now clear.

But he is one of the luckier ones. Brain Cancer kills more children than any other disease in Australia - and research is the key to better understand, treat and prevent it.

Every donation to the Telethon Kids Cancer Centre helps.

Rett syndrome

Help us find a cure

Imagine if out of nowhere, your beautiful baby girl was unable to do the things she’s been slowly learning to do. She can no longer throw. She can’t grab. She stops talking.

For parents of children with Rett syndrome, this frightening scenario is a reality.

You can do something right now to help.

Support our Rett syndrome research today.

Autism Research

Empowering children and their families

Our Autism Research Team is focusing on research to change the trajectory for children diagnosed with autism. 

The end goal? To support children with autism (and their families) so they can lead the happiest, most productive life they can.

You can help by making a contribution today.