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February 2020

Network using Michaelis–Menten kinetics: constructing an algorithm to find target genes from expression data

We derived a simple ordinary differential equation-based model using Michaelis–Menten Kinetics to process the microarray data

Published research Systems Immunology
December 2019

QuantSeq. 3′ Sequencing combined with Salmon provides a fast, reliable approach for high throughput RNA expression analysis

QuantSeq, coupled with a fast quantification method such as Salmon, should provide a viable alternative to traditional RNA-Seq in many applications

Published research Systems Immunology
November 2019

Immunoinflammatory responses to febrile lower respiratory infections in infants display uniquely complex/intense transcriptomic profiles

the association between infant LRTI and risk for persistent wheeze/asthma in this cohort is generally stronger for fLRTIs than for other infection categories

Published research Experimental Immunology Human Immunology Systems Immunology