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Cognitive Improvement through early Restoration of CIRCADian rhythms in very preterm Infants via Environmental Modification



The CIRCA DIEM Study is a clinical research study being coordinated by the Chronobiology Team at Telethon Kids Institute, who are based in Perth, Western Australia and involving research teams from around the world.

The CIRCA DIEM study aims to establish if cycling environmental light and noise levels for premature infants during their initial hospital stay leads to earlier development of circadian (daily) rhythms and better outcomes for the preterm babies, including improved brain development. The study will help us to improve the way we care for our tiniest babies here in Australia, and around the globe.

If you have any questions about the CIRCA DIEM Study, please contact us via email at



(ANZCTR) Trial Registry Number: ACTRN12618000371291

Funding: National Health Medical Research Council of Australia, Telethon Perth Children's Hospital Research Fund, WA Child Research Fund and Channel 7 Telethon Trust.

This study has approval from the Child and Adolescent Health Service Human Research Ethics Committee based in Western Australia, who can be contacted via or by telephoning (08) 6456 0561.

If you are a Health Care Professional involved in our study, please click below for REDCap access.

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