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Our research team is focusing on two major areas - identifying the causes of autism, and developing effective interventions for those living with autism.

They are:

  • Developing new and innovative ways to reduce the disability associated with autism. They are looking for therapies for babies to improve social and communication skills, as well as iPad apps and games that could improve social skills.
  • Discovering the developmental pathways that can lead to autism, through studies like the Australian Autism Biobank. This is a national study collecting detailed information on children diagnosed with autism by creating the largest repository of biological/behavioural data. This study will be one of the largest autism biobanks in the world.
video: living with childhood autism

Meet Elise

Elise's mum noticed something wasn't right when there was lack of eye contact from Elise and she was lining up toys pedantically. 

Despite all the tears and hard days, Elise is the light of her mum's life.

video: autism researcher

Meet Andrew Whitehouse

Andrew and his team are working on identifying autism as early as possible to improve outcomes for kids and make their futures as bright as possible.

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