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Consumer advisory group

The Consumer Advisory Group’s aim is to enhance the quality and relevance of the Institute’s research by providing strategic input at an organisational level.

Members of the Group also sit on steering committees for the Research Focus Areas.

We are currently looking for new members for this Group.

research buddies

Research buddies are consumers or community members who provide links between the researcher, other consumers and community members and the Institute.

They usually meet with researchers twice a year. Our research buddies often work with laboratory-based researchers to help them talk about their research with the wider community.


Committees are brought together for a specific research project or program and usually meet 3-4 times per year either face-to-face or online.

They have input into varying aspects of the research project such as ensuring the research is suitable for those taking part and making sure the results get out to the community. 

Committees include reference groups and steering groups.

consumer and community forums

These forums are one-off meetings where consumers and community members come together to discuss and give input about a particular topic, such as:

  • the design of a specific project
  • community issues
  • priorities for new research
  • the potential impact or benefit of research to the community
  • research results or findings
how do we support researchers?

Researchers are supported by the Consumer and Community Health Research Network in a number of ways:

  • Grant support: helping researchers develop the consumer and community involvement aspects of their grant proposals. Contact us for support. (link to contact us page)
  • Planning: helping researchers plan their consumer and community involvement activities for research groups or individual projects.
  • Finding consumers and community members: We match researchers with the right consumers and community members, we even help to organise the first meeting.
  • Facilitating activities:  We help researchers organise events that enable consumers and community members to have input into their research.
  • Writing: providing advice and guidance on including consumer and community involvement activities in papers and reports about research.

There are a variety of publications about consumer and community involvement.  Some journals, such as the British Medical Journal, now require researchers to talk about their consumer involvement activities within their articles.