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Telethon Kids Institute and the New Industries Fund recognise the growing opportunity in digital health. The COVID-19 pandemic has seen an unprecedented uptake of digital health solutions across the globe. Our program is providing tailored support to WA digital health companies so they are well placed, not just to survive, but to thrive, in the post-pandemic world.

To do this, we are partnering with ANDHealth, Australia’s only organisation dedicated to providing programs designed specifically to address the unique commercialisation challenges faced by digital health companies.

ANDHealth’s programs are targeted specifically to the unique needs of digital health companies. Harnessing the collective experience from across their broad industry-led collaboration, they connect companies directly with experts able to address their specific needs.

The Digital Health COVID- response program will run until February 15, 2021, thanks to support from the New Industries Fund and includes the following activities:

1) WA delegation to ANDHealth’s International virtual summit “The new normal: Digital Health in a Post-COVID world”

August 12 and 13, 2020

The current pandemic has underlined the importance of digital health technologies in underwriting health system resilience. But it has also curtailed Australian companies’ plans to take their technologies global. That’s why the upcoming Winter Summit brings the world to Australia.

As part of this delegation, registration will be 100% subsidised by support from the New Industries Fund to increase access for WA businesses.

One advantage of virtual delivery is that the ANDHealth summit allows attendees to hear from and access multiple international speakers who would rarely gather in the same place.

The Summit program is packed with international keynotes and real-world case studies. It is an opportunity for WA Companies to hear from and ask questions of six international world-leading experts all in one place.

To join the delegation, head to this link and begin the ticket purchase process. Input the discount code "WADelegation" to receive a 100% discount on the ticket price. Please complete the order through to the final confirmation.

2) Online coaching for digital health companies from expert mentors

September to February, 2021

Our data demonstrates the value of one-on-one coaching that results in immediately implementable support. Mentors with validated expertise will be matched with companies and provide advice during one-on-one sessions on topics including:

  • business models
  • reimbursement
  • regulatory strategy
  • scale up manufacturing
  • clinical trials
  • working with pharma
  • UX/UI design in health
  • voice of customer and voice of user
  • clinical trials
  • licencing
  • capital raising
  • partnering

Please register your interest in accessing this program here.

3) Seminar: “Implementing Digital Health in a post-COVID world”.


The Seminar will ensure WA digital health companies are up-to-date with rapid developments in the digital health space, including virtual networking for collaboration and knowledge sharing.


For more information please contact

The WA Digital Health Accelerator has been funded by an XTEND WA grant from the New Industries Fund, managed by the Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation and our program partners.