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The ORIGINS Project


June 2007

The role of family and maternal factors in childhood obesity

The aim of this study was to investigate the relationship between a child's weight and a broad range of family and maternal factors.

Published research Nutrition Human Capability ORIGINS Diabetes and Obesity
February 2008

Clustering of psychosocial symptoms in overweight children

The aims of the present study were to (i) examine the relationship between children's degree of adiposity and psychosocial functioning; and (ii) compare patterns of clustering of psychosocial measures between healthy weight and overweight/obese children.

Published research Early Childhood Development Nutrition Human Capability ORIGINS Diabetes and Obesity Subsite: ORIGINS Project
October 2021

Defining Age-specific Relationships of Respiratory Syncytial Virus and Rhinovirus Species in Hospitalized Children With Acute Wheeze

Acute wheezing is one of the most common hospital presentations for young children. Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) and rhinovirus (RV) species A, B and the more recently described species C are implicated in the majority of these presentations. However, the relative importance and age-specificities of these viruses have not been defined.

Asthma Published research Infectious Diseases Systems Immunology ORIGINS Children’s Respiratory Science BREATH Respiratory viral infections
August 2021

Comparison of experiences in two birth cohorts comprising young families with children under four years during the initial Covid-19 lockdown in Australia and the UK: A qualitative study

This study aims to understand the experience and impact of the initial COVID-19 lock-down in young families with children aged below 4 years. Free text questions were administered to participants in the ORIGINS (Australia) and Born in Bradford (UK) cohort studies to collect qualitative information on worries, concerns and enjoyable experiences during the pandemic.

Published research Early Childhood Development ORIGINS Subsite: ORIGINS Project COVID-19