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March 2019

Upper Airway Cell Transcriptomics Identify a Major New Immunological Phenotype with Strong Clinical Correlates in Young Children with Acute Wheezing

Asthma exacerbations in children can be divided into IRF7hi versus IRF7lo phenotypes with associated differences in clinical phenotypes

Asthma Published research Systems Immunology
December 2018

Insights into respiratory disease through bioinformatics

Here, we review the basic concepts in bioinformatics and genomic data analysis and illustrate the application of these tools to further our understanding of lung diseases

Asthma Published research Systems Immunology
September 2018

Airway Microbiota Dynamics Uncover a Critical Window for Interplay of Pathogenic Bacteria and Allergy in Childhood Respiratory Disease

To complement early allergic sensitization, monitoring NPM composition may enable early detection and intervention in high-risk children

Asthma Published research Human Immunology Systems Immunology