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December 2019

QuantSeq. 3′ Sequencing combined with Salmon provides a fast, reliable approach for high throughput RNA expression analysis

QuantSeq, coupled with a fast quantification method such as Salmon, should provide a viable alternative to traditional RNA-Seq in many applications

Published research Systems Immunology
November 2019

Immunoinflammatory responses to febrile lower respiratory infections in infants display uniquely complex/intense transcriptomic profiles

the association between infant LRTI and risk for persistent wheeze/asthma in this cohort is generally stronger for fLRTIs than for other infection categories

Published research Experimental Immunology Human Immunology Systems Immunology
August 2019

Innate immune activation occurs in acute food protein–induced enterocolitis syndrome reactions

Food reactions in food protein–induced enterocolitis syndrome are predominantly underpinned by activation of the innate immune system

Published research Systems Immunology Food Allergy