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October 2020

Narrowband UVB phototherapy reduces TNF production by B-cell subsets stimulated via TLR7 from individuals with early multiple sclerosis

At the end of a 60-day course of narrowband UVB phototherapy, administered to individuals with early multiple sclerosis, there were changes in the relative proportions of circulating B-cell subsets. This study investigated phototherapy-associated changes to cytokine responses of B cells when exposed to a TLR7 ligand.

Published research Inflammation
April 2020

IgG3 + B cells are associated with the development of multiple sclerosis

We have identified previously uncharacterised subsets of IgG3 + B cells and shown them to correlate with autoimmune attacks on the central nervous system

Published research Inflammation
March 2020

Low-dose UV radiation before running wheel access activates brown adipose tissue

When combined with physical activity, low-dose UVR may more effectively limit adiposity and modulate metabolic and immune pathways in iBAT

Published research Vitamin D and Sunlight Inflammation Cardiometabolic Sunhealth