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April 2020

IgG3 + B cells are associated with the development of multiple sclerosis

We have identified previously uncharacterised subsets of IgG3 + B cells and shown them to correlate with autoimmune attacks on the central nervous system

Published research Inflammation
March 2020

Low-dose UV radiation before running wheel access activates brown adipose tissue

When combined with physical activity, low-dose UVR may more effectively limit adiposity and modulate metabolic and immune pathways in iBAT

Published research Vitamin D and Sunlight Inflammation Cardiometabolic Sunhealth
February 2020

Are there differences in immune responses following delivery of vaccines through acutely or chronically sun-exposed compared with sun-unexposed skin?

The review provides the basis for further research into the effects of acute and chronic UV radiation exposure on skin cells in the context of vaccination

Published research Immunisation Inflammation