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June 2020

Interaction between filaggrin mutations and neonatal cat exposure in atopic dermatitis

Recent birth cohort studies showed a significant interaction between cat ownership at birth and mutations in FLG on the development of early‐onset atopic dermatitis

Published research Human Immunology
May 2020

Immune function during early adolescence positively predicts adult facial sexual dimorphism in both men and women

Our results support a fundamental assumption that facial sexual dimorphism is an indicator of immune function during the development of facial sexual dimorphism

Published research Human Immunology
March 2020

Oestrogen amplifies pre-existing atopy-associated Th2 bias in an experimental asthma model

The role of oestrogen in experimental atopic asthma, and guide future research on sex-related variations in atopic asthma susceptibility/intensity

Published research Experimental Immunology Human Immunology