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March 2020

Oestrogen amplifies pre-existing atopy-associated Th2 bias in an experimental asthma model

The role of oestrogen in experimental atopic asthma, and guide future research on sex-related variations in atopic asthma susceptibility/intensity

Published research Experimental Immunology Human Immunology
February 2020

A method for the generation of large numbers of dendritic cells from CD34+ hematopoietic stem cells from cord blood

Neonatal dendritic cells generated form CD34+ cord blood progenitors have a higher inflammatory potential when exposed to viral than bacterial related stimuli

Published research Experimental Immunology Human Immunology
January 2020

Systems biology and big data in asthma and allergy: recent discoveries and emerging challenges

We describe recent "omic"-level findings, and examine how these findings have been systematically integrated to generate further insight

Asthma Published research Human Immunology
November 2019

Immunoinflammatory responses to febrile lower respiratory infections in infants display uniquely complex/intense transcriptomic profiles

the association between infant LRTI and risk for persistent wheeze/asthma in this cohort is generally stronger for fLRTIs than for other infection categories

Published research Experimental Immunology Human Immunology Systems Immunology