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March 2019

Direct infant UV light exposure is associated with eczema and immune development

This study is the first to demonstrate an association between greater direct UV light exposures in early infancy with lower incidence of eczema

Published research Inflammation Child Allergy & Immunology ORIGINS
June 2018

Prenatal omega-3 LCPUFA and symptoms of allergic disease and sensitization throughout early childhood

Maternal supplementation with 900 mg of ω-3 LCPUFA did not change the progression of IgE-mediated allergic disease symptoms or sensitization

Published research Child Allergy & Immunology Food Allergy
January 2018

Taking a prebiotic approach to early immunomodulation for allergy prevention

In this review we examine maternal and infant dietary sources of prebiotics with a particular focus on non-digestible oligosaccharides, which undergo SCFA.

Published research Child Allergy & Immunology ORIGINS
May 2017

Early introduction of food reduces food allergy – Pro and Con

When an infant is developmentally ready, a variety of nutritious foods should be introduced including the ‘more allergenic’ foods during infancy

Published research Child Allergy & Immunology ORIGINS Food Allergy