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Prof Jonathan Carapetis

November 2021

Antimalarials for children with Plasmodium vivax infection: Current status, challenges, and research priorities

The aim of this narrative review is to summarise efficacy and pharmacokinetic data for Plasmodium vivax in children. The burden of P. vivax malaria in children continues to remain a significant public health issue, and the need for improved treatment regimens for this vulnerable population is critical.

Published research Infectious Diseases Group A Streptococcal & Rheumatic Heart Disease
October 2021

Comparison of group A streptococcal titres in healthy children and those with pharyngitis and skin infections

Rates of acute rheumatic fever, a sequelae of group A Streptococcal (GAS) infection, remain unacceptably high in Indigenous Māori and Pacific children in New Zealand. This prospective study aimed to describe GAS antibody titres in healthy children (5–14 years) by ethnicity, and to determine how paired titres vary with GAS culture positive and negative pharyngitis, and GAS skin infections.

Published research Skin Infections Infectious Diseases Group A Streptococcal & Rheumatic Heart Disease Invasive Streptococcus A Disease
October 2021

Rheumatic heart disease in The Gambia: clinical and valvular aspects at presentation and evolution under penicillin prophylaxis

Rheumatic heart disease (RHD) remains the leading cause of cardiac-related deaths and disability in children and young adults worldwide. In The Gambia, the RHD burden is thought to be high although no data are available and no control programme is yet implemented. We conducted a pilot study to generate baseline data on the clinical and valvular characteristics of RHD patients at first presentation, adherence to penicillin prophylaxis and the evolution of lesions over time.

Published research Rheumatic Heart Disease Group A Streptococcal & Rheumatic Heart Disease
September 2021

Searching for a technology-driven acute rheumatic fever test: the START study protocol

The absence of a diagnostic test for acute rheumatic fever (ARF) is a major impediment in managing this serious childhood condition. ARF is an autoimmune condition triggered by infection with group A Streptococcus.

Published research Rheumatic Heart Disease Systems Immunology Group A Streptococcal & Rheumatic Heart Disease Computational Biology Systems Vaccinology