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June 2020

Human genetics of leishmania infections

GWAS results provide firm confirmation for the importance of antigen presentation and the regulation of IFNγ in determining the outcome of Leishmania infections

Published research Infectious Diseases Genetics and Health
February 2020

Reviewing the Pathogenic Potential of the Otitis-Associated Bacteria Alloiococcus otitidis and Turicella otitidis

There is insufficient evidence available to determine whether these organisms are pathogens, commensals or contribute indirectly to the pathogenesis of OM

Published research Ear Infections Genetics and Health
November 2019

Personalised analytics for rare disease diagnostics

Here we focus on the problem of prioritising variants with respect to the observed disease phenotype

Published research Computational Biology Genetics and Health
February 2013

Common variants in the HLA-DRB1-HLA-DQA1 HLA class II region are associated with susceptibility to visceral leishmaniasis

A conditional analysis provided evidence for multiple associations within the HLA-DRB1-HLA-DQA1 region,and a model in which risk differed between three...

Published research Genetics and Health
January 2016

The rare and undiagnosed diseases diagnostic service – application of massively parallel sequencing in a state-wide clinical service

The Rare and Undiagnosed Diseases Diagnostic Service refers to a genomic diagnostic platform operating within the Genetic Services of Western Australia

Published research Computational Biology Genetics and Health

Professor Jenefer Blackwell, Australian Academy of Science Fellow


The Goanna and the Journey of the Genes