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Raising 2 Kids with Type 1 Diabetes


Diabetes research making a difference


January 2019

Use of Continuous Glucose Monitoring Trends to Facilitate Exercise in Children with Type 1 Diabetes

This study investigated the use of a carbohydrate intake algorithm based on continuous glucose monitoring trends during physical activity

Diabetes (Type 1) Published research Diabetes and Obesity
January 2019

Suboptimal bone status for adolescents with low motor competence and developmental coordination disorder—It's sex specific

Australian adolescent boys with low motor competence/Developmental Coordination Disorder had less robust bones compared to their well-coordinated Australian peers

Published research Diabetes and Obesity
December 2018

Real-world outcomes of insulin pump compared to injection therapy in a population-based sample of children with type 1 diabetes

Patients using insulin pump therapy had a better long-term glycemic control relative to the matched injection therapy cohort

Diabetes (Type 1) Published research Diabetes and Obesity