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Video: Ruth's Diabetes Story

Raising 2 Kids with Type 1 Diabetes


Diabetes research making a difference


June 2020

Global consensus on nutritional rickets: Implications for Australia

We conclude that updated global recommendations for therapy of nutritional rickets complement previously published position statements for Australia and New Zealand

Published research Diabetes and Obesity
May 2020

Lessons from schools with high levels of support for students with type 1 diabetes: A qualitative study

This project aimed to investigate how schools provide support for the psychosocial wellbeing and disease management of students with type 1 diabetes

Diabetes (Type 1) Published research Health Promotion & Education Diabetes and Obesity Youth Mental Health
May 2020

ApoB48-remnant lipoproteins are associated with increased cardiometabolic risk in adolescents

Plasma apoB48 remnant lipoproteins associate with cardiometabolic risk factors in adolescents and provide support for the screening of remnant cholesterol in youth

Published research Diabetes and Obesity