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Video: Ruth's Diabetes Story

Raising 2 Kids with Type 1 Diabetes


Diabetes research making a difference


March 2020

Characterisation of peripheral bone mineral density in youth at risk of secondary osteoporosis - A preliminary insight

Neuromuscular disorders, chronic diseases and low motor competence have a strong correlation to bone health for appendicular bone parameters in youth

Published research Diabetes and Obesity
March 2020

Epigenome-wide meta-analysis of blood DNA methylation in newborns and children identifies numerous loci related to gestational age

We identified numerous CpGs differentially methylated in relation to gestational age at birth that appear to reflect fetal developmental processes across tissues

Published research Diabetes and Obesity Computational Biology
March 2020

Higher frequency of vertebrate-infecting viruses in the gut of infants born to mothers with type 1 diabetes

We demonstrate a distinct gut virome profile in infants of mothers with type 1 diabetes, which may influence health outcomes later in life

Diabetes (Type 1) Published research Diabetes and Obesity