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September 2019

Editorial: Insights Into Biomarkers, Cytokines, and Chemokines in Skin Cancer

Our current Research Topic highlights the complexity of the relationship between the skin, immune system and skin cancer

Children's Cancers Published research Cancer Immunotherapy
April 2019

Dendritic cells and cancer: From biology to therapeutic intervention

In this review, we discuss the different subsets of tumor-infiltrating dendritic cells and their role in anti-tumor immunity

Children's Cancers Published research Cancer Immunotherapy
January 2019

CD8+XCR1neg Dendritic Cells Express High Levels of Toll-Like Receptor 5 and a Unique Complement of Endocytic Receptors

Our data demonstrate that CD8+XCR1neg DCs possess a unique pattern of endocytic receptors and a restricted TLR profile that is particularly enriched for TLR5

Children's Cancers Published research Systems Immunology Cancer Immunotherapy