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December 2020

Impact of a multimodal exercise program on tibial bone health in adolescents with Development Coordination Disorder: an examination of feasibility and potential efficacy

Developmental coordination disorder (DCD) compromises bone health purportedly due to lower levels of physical activity. The potential of an exercise intervention to improve bone health parameters in adolescents with DCD has not previously been studied. This study thus aimed to determine the impact of a multimodal exercise intervention on bone health in this population at-risk of secondary osteoporosis.

Published research Cardiometabolic Sunhealth
November 2020

SGLT2 Inhibitor-Induced Sympathoexcitation in White Adipose Tissue: A Novel Mechanism for Beiging

Recent preclinical data show that sodium glucose cotransporter 2 (SGLT2) inhibitors are able to reduce weight gain and induce beiging in white adipose tissue (WAT). We have previously shown that in neurogenic hypertensive Schlager (BPH/2J) mice, treatment with the SGLT2 inhibitor, Dapagliflozin, reduced blood pressure and prevented weight gain. Here we show that chemical sympathetic denervation achieved by systemic administration of 6-hydroxy-dopamine (6-OHDA) reduces body weight and the heightened sympathetic nervous system (SNS) innervation in WAT.

Published research Cardiometabolic Sunhealth Diabetes and Obesity
March 2020

Low-dose UV radiation before running wheel access activates brown adipose tissue

When combined with physical activity, low-dose UVR may more effectively limit adiposity and modulate metabolic and immune pathways in iBAT

Published research Vitamin D and Sunlight Inflammation Cardiometabolic Sunhealth
January 2020

Characterising nitric oxide-mediated metabolic benefits of low-dose ultraviolet radiation in the mouse: a focus on brown adipose tissue

Non-burning (low-dose) UVR suppresses the BAT 'whitening', steatotic and pro-diabetic effects of consuming a high-fat diet through skin release of nitric oxide

Published research Vitamin D and Sunlight Inflammation Cardiometabolic Sunhealth