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January 2018

Investigating the long-term impact of a childhood sun-exposure intervention, with a focus on eye health: protocol for the Kidskin-Young Adult Myopia Study

A follow-up of Kidskin Study participants provides an opportunity to investigate the associations between a childhood sun-exposure intervention and potentially related conditions in adulthood

Published research Health Promotion & Education Cancer Epidemiology
November 2017

Early vaccination protects against childhood leukemia: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Growing evidence supports a role for infection in the etiology of ALL and the involvement of immune systems suggests that vaccination may also play a role.

Published research Cancer Epidemiology
December 2015

Home pesticide exposures and risk of childhood leukemia: Findings from the childhood leukemia international consortium

In this investigation, the authors found an association between home pesticide exposure before birth and during a child's early years and acute lymphoblastic...

Children's Cancers Published research Cancer Epidemiology