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December 2022

Clustering of Wellbeing, Engagement and Academic Outcomes in Australian Primary Schools

The mental health and wellbeing of young people has important consequences for students and society. Schools are a logical environment for management and early intervention of wellbeing, mental health and engagement with school. Interventions aimed at improving mental health and wellbeing in education systems requires knowledge of how wellbeing is clustered at a school level. Cluster-randomised trials, and regression analyses of such data also require knowledge of clustering.

Published research Child Health, Development & Education Youth mental health
October 2022

Factors Influencing Parental Acceptance of Trans Children and Young People: Findings from Trans Pathways

Trans youth are at high risk of mental health difficulties and negative life events. Strong parental support is highly protective however there is little understanding of what factors facilitate the process of parental understanding and acceptance of a child’s gender identity.

Published research Child Health, Development & Education Gender Diversity Youth Mental Health Youth mental health
September 2022

Managing emotional labour in the provision of psychotherapy–what matters most

The current study sought to explore holistic factors perceived to be key in managing emotional labour effectively in psychologists providing psychotherapy. Identifying applicable factors in this occupational group is vital to understand how psychologists manage emotional labour and related constructs.

Published research Child Health, Development & Education Youth mental health
September 2022

‘It’s All About Context’: Building School Capacity to Implement a Whole-School Approach to Bullying

Student bullying behaviours are a significant social issue in schools worldwide. Whilst school staff have access to quality bullying prevention interventions, schools can face significant challenges implementing the whole-school approach required to address the complexity of these behaviours.

Published research Parenting & Families Child Health, Development & Education Bullying School Attendance School and Community Wellbeing