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September 2021

Shared Decision Making With Young People at Ultra High Risk of Psychotic Disorder

While the majority of young people who meet the criteria for being considered at increased risk of psychosis do not go on to develop a psychotic disorder, young people are currently being identified and treated in early intervention services.

Published research Child Health, Development & Education Youth mental health
September 2021

Findings from the Kids in Communities Study (KiCS): A mixed methods study examining community-level influences on early childhood development

There is increasing international interest in place-based approaches to improve early childhood development (ECD) outcomes. The available data and evidence are limited and precludes well informed policy and practice change. Developing the evidence-base for community-level effects on ECD is one way to facilitate more informed and targeted community action.

Published research Child Health, Development & Education Early Childhood Development
August 2021

Economic Evaluation of an Intervention Designed to Reduce Bullying in Australian Schools

The aim of this study was to estimate the changes to costs and health benefits of implementing the "Friendly Schools Friendly Families" (FSFF) anti-bullying intervention in Australia.

Published research Child Health, Development & Education Bullying School Attendance
June 2020

Measuring early childhood development with The Early Human Capability Index (eHCI): a reliability and validity study in China

With the importance of early childhood development more recognized by the international society, low-cost and cross-culturally comparable measures of early childhood development is in great demand, both in China and worldwide. In this study, we aim to test the psychometrics of the Chinese version of The Early Human Capability Index (eHCI), which is designed as a measurement for school readiness in large population.

Published research Child Health, Development & Education