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April 2022

A review of Australian Government funding of parenting intervention research

Parenting is central to children's optimal development and accounts for a substantial proportion of the variance in child outcomes, including up to 40% of child mental health. Parenting is also one of the most modifiable, proximal, and direct factors for preventing and treating a range of children's problems and enhancing wellbeing.

Published research Parenting & Families
November 2021

Built Environments and Child Health: A Policy Review’, Life Course Centre Working Paper Series, 2021-22

Childhood obesity is one of the most serious public health challenges of the 21st century and is affected not only by individual choice but also by societal and environmental influences. Childhood obesity is higher in children living in regional and remote compared with major cities, in one-parent families and for those with a disability.

Published research Parenting & Families Nutrition Human Capability Child Physical Activity, Health and Development Geospatial Health and Development Schools & Communities
March 2021

School leaders’ and staff wellbeing is critical for student success. Our Schools- Our Future Research Paper

While most education professionals enjoy the many opportunities working in schools and with students provides, they are also exposed to numerous stressors, such as excessive workload, complex and challenging student needs and responding to parent demands can compromise their wellbeing. Frequent exposure can lead to burnout, stress, health and relationship problems and fatigue, which can have a negative impact on their motivation, job satisfaction and their likelihood of remaining in the profession. This research paper provides recommendations and practical actions to protect and promote the wellbeing of school leaders and staff, and to support staff who may be experiencing difficulties with their mental health and wellbeing.

Published research Parenting & Families Schools & Communities