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September 2021

Sun-health behaviours and attitudes towards sun safety amongst Australian teenagers: a qualitative update

This study aimed to explore current attitudes towards sun protection, and sun-seeking behaviour among young Australian adolescents. It was done as part of a larger project aiming to develop a digital resource to support young people in making informed sun-health decisions.

Published research Health Promotion & Education Vitamin D and Sunlight Cardiometabolic Sunhealth Youth Mental Health
June 2021

Supporting Parents as their Child’s First Teacher: Aboriginal Parents’ Perceptions of KindiLink

This paper reports on Aboriginal parents’ perceptions about their involvement in a Western Australian pilot initiative called KindiLink. The program seeks to support parents as their child’s first teacher and thereby enhance Aboriginal children’s early-years development, while strengthening relationships between families and schools. A constructivist paradigm was used to inform the methodology which placed Aboriginal voices at the centre of the research.

Published research Health Promotion & Education Early Childhood Development School Attendance
May 2021

Burden and preference-based quality of life associated with bullying in children

The objectives of this study are to assess the association between childhood bullying and preference-based health-related quality of life in Australian school children and their parents and estimate quality-adjusted life years associated with bullying chronicity. Children aged 8-10 years completed the child health utilities, while parents completed the Australian quality of life.

Published research Health Promotion & Education Bullying School Attendance
May 2021

Targeted Teacher Education to Improve Primary Preservice Teachers’ Knowledge and Understanding of UV and Effective Sun Protection Measures for Children

Teachers are responsible for children at school during peak ultraviolet (UV) times of the day. It is paramount that teachers have knowledge and understanding of UV to effectively protect themselves and their students. The aim of this pilot study was to investigate the effect of a short intervention on preservice teachers’ sun protective behaviours, knowledge and perceived skill to teach sun safety.

Published research Health Promotion & Education Vitamin D and Sunlight