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Why you shouldn’t let your child cross the road until they’re ten years of age

October 2020

Borderline Personality Disorder and Peers: A Scoping Review of Friendship, Victimization and Aggression Studies

Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is characterized by instability in interpersonal relationships. To date no reviews have scoped the extant research on peer relationship functioning for young people diagnosed with BPD or showing borderline personality features. The current review provides this scoping of studies on all facets of peer relationships, including friendship quality, peer victimization and bullying and peer aggression, and relevant studies of social–cognitive processes with relevance to peer relationships. From 282 studies identified up to August 2019, 39 studies were included for review.

Published research Health Promotion & Education Child Health, Development & Education Developmental Pathways & Social Policy Bullying Youth Health
September 2020

Do Changes in the Local Food Environment Within New Residential Developments Influence the Diets of Residents? Longitudinal Results from RESIDE

There is limited longitudinal evidence supporting a link between food outlet locations and dietary outcomes to inform policy and urban planning. This study examined how longitudinal changes in the local food environment within new residential developments.

Published research Health Promotion & Education Nutrition
June 2020

Chronic health conditions, mental health and the school: A narrative review

School-based social risk processes in the lives of young people with chronic health conditions are likely to contribute to risk of psychological problems

Published research Health Promotion & Education Human Capability Ear Health Youth Mental Health