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The Telethon Kids Institute is a new kind of research institute. One where kids are at the heart of everything we do.

Our vision is to improve the health and wellbeing of children through excellence in research. We have a bold blueprint which brings together the community, researchers, health practitioners, policy makers and partners who share our vision of discovery, prevention and curing childhood disease. We want to be measured on our ability to make a difference.

The Institute was founded in 1990 to create a multidisciplinary approach to research to improve outcomes for children. We enjoy a national and international reputation for being dedicated equally to research and translating that research into actual health-enhancing interventions within the community and beyond.

Every year our researchers contribute to more than 250 publications with their discoveries into child health and well-being, with discoveries in areas including:

  • Breakthroughs in the treatment of childhood cancers with a focus on finding a cure
  • New treatments for diabetes that will significantly improve the outlook for affected children
  • Early interventions for children with cystic fibrosis that will lead to longer life expectancies and improved quality of life
  • Genetic sequencing to discover biomarkers and variants for rare diseases which will lead to better treatments
  • Improvements in early childhood development aimed at providing every child with the opportunity to lead a healthy life
  • Aboriginal child health, with a specific focus on children affected by foetal alcohol spectrum disorders, skins diseases and rheumatic heart disease
  • Improvements in the early detection and treatment of autism
  • Developing new and improving existing vaccines for contagious diseases
  • Understanding the causes and improving the treatments for asthma

Since the implementation of a professional, strategic approach to procurement at the Telethon Kids Institute in 2015,  substantial quantifiable savings on the cost of goods and services have been achieved in addition to the reduction of procurement risk, the implementation of streamlined, transparent, efficient procurement processes and contract management with a focus on whole of life costing and the achievement of value for money. 

Research Procurement Services implemented Collaborative Procurement for the express purpose of providing a range of procurement services that are tailor-made to the needs and requirements of medical research institutes (MRIs) and related organisations. Collaborative Procurement ensures that significant financial savings, value for money outcomes and administrative efficiencies on the purchase of goods and services can be achieved by all participating organisations.

Procurement across the Australian medical research sector remains disaggregated with great development potential. Each individual organisation has a relatively low level of expenditure which seriously impacts the sector’s ability to realise value for money, achieve service improvements and attain surety of supply. In the current economic climate, it is increasingly important to use all the resources at our disposal to optimise our supply chains to ensure we are getting best value for our organisations now and into the future.

To that affect, Research Procurement Services had made a range of specialised procurement services available to medical research institutes (MRI) and related organisations across Australia to assist the achievement of greater value for money outcomes across the sector, including financial savings and administrative efficiencies when purchasing goods and services.

Collaborative Procurement provides an exciting opportunity to improve procurement outcomes for all stakeholders through combining the expenditure of multiple organisations and approaching the market collectively as a more attractive and valuable customer.

In summary, Research Procurement Services provides procurement services to medical research institutes (and related organisations) with the goal of achieving greater value for money in purchasing across the sector. Increased value is realised through strategic procurement, aggregating expenditure and administrative efficiencies as well as by accessing existing agreements.

Collaborative Procurement is based on the premise of win-win-win and is designed to ensure that the following stakeholders receive additional benefit from their engagement in the program:

  1. Telethon Kids (procurement facilitator and contract manager)
  2. Suppliers (Collaborative Partners)
  3. Medical research institutes and related organisations (Participating Organisations)

  1. Supply agreements with exceptional prices and discounts are established with Collaborative Partners following a competitive market process conducted by Research Procurement Services across multiple categories of goods and services.
  2. Participating Organisations can access these supply agreements via an ‘Access Agreement’.
  3. Suppliers interact and contract directly with each Participating Organisation in order to fulfil their related purchasing requirements.
  4. Research Procurement Services manages the overarching agreements and supplier relationships and related reporting ensuring ongoing value and service.
  5. In addition, Research Procurement Services also acts as a point of escalation, assisting to resolve any supplier issues and providing ongoing support to participating organisations.

There is no charge to organisations looking to access the collaborative agreements. Participating Organisations in most cases are entitled to receive the same discounts on goods and services. In some instances, further discounts may be leveraged from the suppliers in relation to large volume commitments.

Collaborative Procurement is funded by a minimal percentage of additional sales generated, which is paid by Collaborative Partners directly to Telethon Kids as the contract manager. This covers the costs of procurement, contract management and ongoing administration in order to respond to the needs of all stakeholders.

A Collaborative Partner is an organisation that has been pre-qualified and appointed by the Institute as a long-term business partner within a particular category of goods and/or services. Our experience has shown that forming strong and mutually beneficial partnerships that are based around shared understanding and trust will deliver the best value outcomes. 

The Institute establishes Collaborative Partnerships in categories that have sector wide high spend levels (such as laboratory equipment) and / or where the categories are critical to the conduct of research (such as hygiene consumables) in addition to including categories where there is the opportunity to achieve greater value through collaboration (such as private health).

These value adding partnerships are designed to ensure strategic alignment, deliver high performance, promote innovation, minimise supply costs and mitigate business risks for participating organisations and result from engagement with the market, researchers and professional staff to ensure alignment with business need.

Collaborative Partners are appointed following a robust and transparent procurement process undertaken by Research Procurement Services. This process is geared towards selecting high calibre, integrity driven and community minded suppliers that will offer optimal value for money in the supply of goods and/or services.  While our intent is always to form long term partnerships with our Collaborative Partners, we are committed to ensuring probity and fairness in our approach to procurement and as such, we periodically put opportunities to become a Collaborative Partner to the market (generally at the conclusion of a contract term).

The following supply agreements are available for immediate access via Research Procurement Services:

  • Laboratory Equipment
  • Laboratory Consumables
  • Salary Packaging
  • Office Supplies

With a raft of interesting new opportunities continually under development.