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To immunity and beyond

The quest to stop infectious diseases from killing our kids

When Catherine and Greg Hughes lost their son Riley to whooping cough in 2015, they didn’t just lose their one-month-old baby. 

Custom medicine for kids

Leading the way in personalised medicine

Thanks to an enabling donation from the Stan Perron Charitable Foundation, Telethon Kids Institute is home to one of the first paediatric personalised medicine research centres in the world.

Inspiring young researchers

Taking up-and-comers to the next level

Philanthropically-minded members of the community are helping cultivate and inspire future generations of child health researchers.

Onwards and upwards

Making FASD History inspires the world to follow suit

In 2001, tragedy struck Margaret “Sissy” Ramirez’s family when her cousin died by suicide, leaving behind four children.

Loss and resilience

Rallying together for child health

Jan and David Lord were devastated when their grand-daughter Imogen died in 2010. They want to help other families avoid the profound distress they experienced.

Friends of the Institute

Friends leave a lasting impression

Meet a very impactful group of volunteers whose Friend-raising efforts have supported the Telethon Kids Institute for more than 25 years.

Sharing vision and responsibility

Minderoo Foundation and Telethon Kids join forces

Giving kids the best possible start in life is crucial, and what the Minderoo Foundation and Telethon Kids are tackling together through CoLab.

Back to the start

Early intervention in autism is proving a game changer

When Professor Andrew Whitehouse was 18-years-old, the child of a family friend was diagnosed with autism. That set him on a path he has dedicated himself to ever since, and he and his Autism Research Team are making groundbreaking discoveries.

Leaving a lasting legacy for kids

Her words of wisdom have shaped young ones for decades

Now the legacy of beloved parenting author and educator Maggie Dent is set to live on well beyond her lifetime.

Telethon Kids' new home

Working together for kids' health

In anticipation of moving to our new home within the Perth Children’s Hospital, Telethon Kids would like to thank both the State and Federal governments for funding our world-class research facility.

Parents fighting back

People Power

Telethon Kids Cancer Centre continues to be powered by parents who decided to fight back. Hard.

All through the night

New technologies are giving hope directly to families

For the parent of a child living with diabetes, sleep no longer represents the relaxing slumber that it used to. Instead, it becomes a potential danger zone where blood sugar levels can silently go awry. 


Funding all adds up

Little or large, every donation made is precious

Donors are like oxygen to researchers, and their gifts enable Telethon Kids to strategically invest and advance.

Breathe easy

Hope ahead for children with CF, as life expentacy grows

Until Scott Arnold-Eyers’ daughter, Jade, was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis as a baby, he thought CF referred to chronic fatigue. Jade is now eight, and Scott and his wife Dianne, are full bottle on the chronic lung disease.

Game changing partnership

What does BHP know about medical research? More than you might imagine!

For the past three years BHP has been working alongside Telethon Kids Institute in an innovative partnership, helping the Institute transform itself into a world-class research environment.



Telethon celebrates 50 years

Sharing a vision for healthy kids

Fremantle Dockers supporter Maddox Ball and Telethon Kids Institute researcher Dr Ingrid Laing might not look like they have a lot in common but they share a very special bond. They are both “Little Telethon Stars” – albeit 38 years apart.

lasting change in the Kimberley

A permanent Telethon Kids base up north

Many people would be daunted when tasked with coordinating, from scratch, a new Telethon Kids Institute satellite site in WA's north. But not John Jacky.

Saving lives worldwide

Wesfarmers Centre makes major in-roads to protect the most vulnerable

In 2014, Wesfarmers invested $5 million over four years in Telethon Kids' research. Within a year, the Wesfarmers Centre of Vaccines and Infectious Diseases at the Telethon Kids Institute had become a national leader in paediatric infectious diseases research.

Boosting infectious disease research

First-hand fight inspires generous gift

A close call with meningococcal disease ignited a passion in Iain Buchan to do whatever he can to keep WA children safe from life-threatening infectious diseases.

Taking part in research

"A responsibility"

Parents to young David, who was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at just 6 weeks old, Kate & Paul know the value of taking part in medical research trials not just for their family, but for families to come. 

20 years of Giving from Professor Harvey Coates AO

"I felt I had to give back"

Former Telethon Kids board member Professor Harvey Coates AO on what started his long tradition of giving to the Institute. 

WA Police supporting research

Better equipment to research childhood cancer

Bright Blue: The Police Commissioner's Fund for Sick Kids has generously outfitted the Institute's brain tumour laboratory with a cancer analysis suite that has streamlined the processing of tumour tissue.

A personal battle

Over $20 million raised to fund childhood cancer research

For the past 30 years, Geoff has headed the Children's Leukaemia and Cancer Research Foundation (CLCRF), an organisation that has raised over $20 million to fund Telethon Kids' research into childhood cancers.

Community fundraising at its strongest

Fighting Brain Cancer in Ethan's name.

The Ethan Davies Fellowship for Brain Cancer Research is the sort of collaboration the Institute's researchers love.

Stan Perron's long history of philanthropy

"I just enjoy doing it"

Stan Perron and his family are an integral part of the fabric of Telethon Kids. For many years they've helped with funding - with everything from capital projects to supporting students with awards that supplement their PhD scholarships. 

Turning sorrow into something positive

The Adventurers

While most parents could be forgiven for closing the door on the world following the devastating loss of their four year old son, Rick and Emily Parish have done the opposite, and are leading adventures around the world in the name of their son Elliot. 

a lasting legacy

George Church - "A legend of Kojonup"

After a life of giving, George and Trish Church's legacy continues to live on through their generous bequest to Telethon Kids. 

$250,000 for autism research

Making a world-first trial possible

Angela Bennett has first-hand knowledge of the impact of an autism diagnosis on a family, so her gift to autism research at Telethon Kids is personal. 

fundraising star

Chloe (11) Bakes for Autism Research

She’s only young but 11 year old Chloe already knows she wants to make a difference.