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Commercialisation and Partnerships Manager

BSc (Hons) PhD

Tracey works in the Research Development team as the Commercialisation and Partnerships Manager. She is responsible for identifying, assessing, developing and commercialising opportunities with a focus on sponsored research activities and the building of large-scale engagement and strategic initiatives.

Tracey’s belief is not in commerciality for the sake of it, rather that exploring engagement with industry and commercial partners can contribute to the long-term sustainability and impact of a research organisation. Commercial partnerships, through a license agreement or spin-off, are a necessity to bring a therapeutic to market. However, there are many levels of industry engagement and she is looking forward to helping any researcher, or industry partner, interested in pursuing these opportunities.

Tracey has a background in molecular genetics, gaining a PhD in Bioinformatics from the University of Melbourne, based at the Howard Florey & Walter and Eliza Hall Institutes. Prior to her PhD, she was also the Co-Founder of an online bioinformatics analysis service. Her business development experience was at the University of Melbourne, where she worked to commercialise early stage technologies and IP developed at the University.

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