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Research Assistant

BHSc (Nutrition Bioscience)

Gabriella holds a Bachelor of Health Science, majoring in Nutrition Bioscience, and is currently undertaking a Master of Nutrition and Dietetics degree. Gabriella has a strong interest in improving the health and development of the paediatric population and is motivated to undertake research that contributes to achieving this goal.

Gabriella has worked with the Food and Nutrition Team as a Research Assistant and contributed to multiple research projects including the Community Food and Environment Study and the EMHS Kids’ Menu Audit. During her time with the Food and Nutrition Team, she was awarded a Cancer Council WA research scholarship, with which she undertook research to investigate and quantify the power of food advertisements around schools in Perth.

Gabriella is currently working with the Early Neurodevelopment and Mental Health Research Team, contributing to their screen time study which aims to address the new public health emergency of our time by developing a targeted intervention to reduce screen time in early childhood.