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Masters/PhD Candidate in Clinical Neuropsychology, Provisional Psychologist

Brittany is a Masters/PhD candidate in Clinical Neuropsychology at the University of Western Australia, a Provisional Psychologist, and a Researcher at Telethon Kids Institute. Her research is investigating siblings of children with neurodevelopmental disabilities, funded by an NHMRC Ideas Grant. She is interested in developmental trajectories of children with autism and mental health difficulties. She also has a current research focus on prevention, diagnosis and management of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. Her future research aims to explore the neurobiology of complex neurodevelopmental and psychiatric disorders in siblings, to understand neural circuits linked to cognitive dysfunction. Using multi-modal approaches, Brittany aims to investigate critical brain-behaviour relationships which may indicate new diagnostic markers for early identification, and treatment targets for intervention.  

Brittany plans to work on identifying modifiable, transdiagnostic processes underlying child neurodevelopmental and psychiatric disorders, and apply that knowledge to develop brief, individualised treatments with sustainable impact. She is interested in leveraging mindsets in high-risk children to improve their mental health and wellbeing in scalable ways, particularly by fostering growth mindsets and building on our understanding of neuroplasticity across the life-span.