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Research Assistant

BTech. MSc.

Akriti joined MAP team in July 2021 as a Research Assistant in Global Malaria Epidemiology team following her passion in spatial analysis.

She recently completed her master’s degree in Data Science from The University of Melbourne, and her background is in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering. Prior to joining MAP, she has worked as a data scientist in various organizations including Telstra and Accenture.

She also volunteers as a data scientist at Good Data Institute (GDI) where she leads a team of volunteer data analyst who are helping Lung Care Foundation India in improving their operational effectiveness. She is also working for Inclusive America within GDI as a data science consultant and helping them identify demographics in political history of USA.

Akriti is also involved with Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyor (CICES) where she provides her professional advise on ethics of digital engineering and its usage within civil engineering surveying industry.

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