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PhD Candidate

BSc (Hons)


Dylan Gilbey is a provisional psychologist and PhD candidate under the supervision of Associate Professor Ashleigh Lin and Dr Yael Perry in the Youth Mental Health team, and Dr Jeneva Ohan at the University of Western Australia.

His research and clinical interests lie in improving mental health outcomes in children and young people. He has particular interest in populations known to be vulnerable to mental health problems because of stigma and related issues, such as self-stigma, peer rejection and discrimination.

The focus of his PhD project is understanding how stigma and self-stigma affect the mental health of teenagers who are attracted to the same gender, with the goal of understanding this group’s vulnerability to mental health problems and identifying ways to address these issues.

He holds a Bachelor of Science with First Class Honours in Psychology from the University of Western Australia, where he is currently completing his Master of Clinical Psychology and Doctor of Philosophy.